Seriously, Rollerman? Few things here.

1. Sorry Rollerman, you're not as epic as your linkin park music makes you sound.

2. I understand rolling on your face is dangerous, the blood didn't make it any more epic.

3. I wanted you to take off at some point, like shoot wings out your suit and fly or something. You did not.

4. If you're going to film a race with a tank on a roller skate body suit, you should probably win, just fyi.

5. Why was that group of koreans running across the street?

6. Why aren't there wheels on your head?

7. If you're going to film your bloody nose, why didn't you show us your crash?

8. The best part of this video was when you were in the luge tube or whatever, but only because it reminded me of this:

9. Why on earth would anyone want to book a full grown man rolling around on the ground that can't fly? Especially one who injures himself.

10. The last frame of you sitting with your helmet on your knee looked at first as if you had trained your son in this ridiculous sport. He was sitting next to you staring off into the distance with your arm around him. Unfortunately it was just you sitting there without your helmet on your head. Watching a 3 year old do that stuff would've been awesome. Try that instead.

*You don't know how much I want to believe that this was a parody of something, but unfortunately for us all, I don't think that's the case.