Immortal Technique and homecoming

[gallery link="file"] So I went to an immortal technique concert last night. Gotta say, it was pretty amazing. I don't usually like getting into the music at a concert, but I couldn't really help myself here. Technique was the first hip hop artist that I ever really got into, and it was very gratifying for me to see him live, finally. Chino XL opened for him, as well as Da Circle, but I gotta say Chino dropped some lines that blew me away. One thing that he said, which wasn't part of a song or flow, was that parenthood is the highest art form.

Anyway, Technique did a lot of stuff from his latest album, The Martyr, a few things from The Third World, and just enough from Revolutionary Vol. 2 to be satisfying. He ended with "Obnoxious" which just might be my favorite song by him.

Anyway, I've just been closing up shop here in Seattle, and will be packing things up tonight and tomorrow morning. I'm heading back home to Austin on Saturday and will be there indefinitely. Gotta say I missed my family like crazy while I was up here in Seattle and can't wait to be back. There is much food eating, movie watching, and wrestling to be done when I get back. Not to mention that I will be within driving distance of my favorite sister who lives in Houston [insert shout out] APAJAN.

I want to thank all the friends that I made here for making my time in the Pacific Northwest so much better. It's hard to meet the kind of friends that I've found, so much love to my Seattle crew - Michael, Fa, Jordan (even though you moved to the bay), Robyn, and the boys. I'll miss you guys a lot.

So goodbye cloudy skies, it's been real.