My sister and her husband are visiting Seattle this weekend! Suffice it to say I'm a little excited. I've got some things planned out, but basically my schedule is just an elaborate ploy to get her to bake some cookies for me. Saturday morning - wallingford, fainting goat, coffee, late afternoon time comes, we go to hidmo because I've been prepping them for some amazing eritrean food for the past two days, wait til around 6:30, then go there, but BAM, it's closed down (it shut down a while back). Oh no! what are we going to do? I guess we'll have to stop by the grocery store and pick up a quick snack while I figure out where we should go for dinner. Then I say, "Don't worry everybody, I'll get the snacks" come back, put the groceries in the back (which are made up of cookie making ingredients) then drive everyone home. Once inside, my family will ask me, "Imaad, what snacks did you get us?" I will proceed to lock all doors and windows and lay the cookie ingredients on to the dinner table. By this time, I've already eaten everything else in the house. She will have no choice but to make cookies or everyone starves. Done. Cookies for me.

Actually, I'm just going to ask her. But I play these games in my head to avoid doing actual work. Anywho, inshallah I'll pick them up from the airport tonight. Peace.