Strong imagination, or senility?

so I was watching a 9/11 tribute directed by spike lee, and there was this scene of a kid riding his bike through nyc. in that moment, a memory flashed in my head of riding through nyc at night. I could see the lights, the street, people, signs. I was like, woah! what is this? deja vu? a past life? when did I do this? then because it was freaking me out, I sat back and went through my mind, and realized that the "memory" was from a picture I had seen in a magazine. Why had I placed myself inside the picture? Why couldn't I separate the picture from actual memories? Is this a sign of a strong imagination, or senility? I'm going to go with crazy. This is one of those things that gets better with age, right? haha, yah, good luck with grandpa grandkids.