Queen of Spades

So I don't really know what the Queen of Spades (my poem) is about. I have an idea of what parts of it mean, but on the whole, I'm not sure what the poem is saying. So in an attempt to figure out what the hell it was that I wrote, I googled the queen of spades to see whatever the interwebs had to say on the subject. The queen of spades was always an interesting character in my life. When I was a kid, she was my wife. My grandmother named her my wife when I would always draw the queen of spades in Oklahoma Rummy.

Anyway, I looked her up after I had finished most of poem. I say most of because I keep making minor changes so that it fits some sort of structure.

I found this story by Pushkin, which I found enthralling, and very, very scarily related to my poem. I had no idea of any work done by Pushkin on the Queen of Spades, or any other author for that matter, before writing this poem. Anyway, here's the story, I found it a bit out of the ordinary. Again, if you ever hear or read my poem, you'll know why I was a little freaked out.

A synopsis

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Peace and love.