Seattle Music

I've been working on a poem called "Queen of Spades" and am debating whether or not it's done. Every time I open it, I keep adding to it, so I'm guessing not. But this isn't how I usually work so it's weirding me out. I'm typically a sit down, write a poem, memorize it kind of guy. This one is strange. So in the meantime, I've decided to talk about my new jam. It's actually an old jam that I haven't jammed to since I was 16. Yes, I'm bringing back the Zeppelin to my life. Oh it's so good. I was recently at Cafe Solstice on the Ave on UW's campus, and decided that I needed better driving music than an old Skynyrd CD that I had bought when I was here in 2006 and whatever's playing on the radio (Seattle is way too in love with Adele, by the way). So I went to a used CD shop and picked up a 2 disc best of album called "Mothership" which also includes a dvd of some live performances. I was driving home after a day of writing, reading, and meeting strangers when I rolled down the windows on I-5 and cranked up the Kashmir.

It took me back to old high school days when iTunes was still new and I was on the loading crew in band. It actually took me right back to junior year. That was my peak Zeppelin input period. Incidentally that was the year I started slamming. I was in Mrs. Haug's creative writing class where I debuted a lot work. I remember I went to the annual ISNA conference that summer and had written a poem on a styrofoam cup. I transferred the poem to a journal and Mrs. Haug asked to keep the cup that I wrote the poem on. I hope it's still on her desk. Haha, I remember talking to her about college, pre-med, and islamic studies, and I remember her saying that William Carlos Williams was a doctor and poet.

Aaaaanyway, it's time for me to hit the sack. I'll catch ya later.