Writing a poem

So I had planned on uploading a poem that I was working on this afternoon, but I'm done writing for today and it's not finished. Who uploads incomplete poetry? Not I said the fly. It's a funny thing, writing poems. People ask me all the time, how does it happen? How long does it take? Truth is, I don't really know. I write all the time, stories, bits of rhyming words, non-rhyming words that flow well, things like that. But the only way I know for sure that a writing session has ended in the writing of actual poetry, is when I'm sitting at my desk and I lean back in my chair and exhale. That's when the flood hits me. Because before that point I only existed inside the poem. I was completely living inside of it. When I finally relax, I kind of lean back in my chair and think where the hell have I been for the past >insert random amount of time here<. Then all the twists and turns that I was taking in my poem start coming back to me. I start thinking of thought processes and links that I made in the writing. Then I read over what I wrote and make connections. I also realize that I have to take a piss. It's a trip man. Can't be good for the psyche.