Summer in Seattle and Performances

Hello folks, I'm currently in Seattle spending some time with my dad up in the Pacific Northwest. First things first, the weather is amazing. I have to wear a jacket when I go out. Also, I have been checking out the poetry scene here and have been making some contacts in the hip hop world as well. The poetry scene is dominated by the same slam poetry cadence that I have been getting very annoyed by lately. It's much more widespread than in the under 21 scene. I think I'll write a poem about it. Anyway, I'm writing a lot out here and hope to continue to do so.

I've got a couple of invitations to perform coming up. I'll be performing at an Al-Amaana event in Houston in August, and also at an Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona event in October. Will post details once I get them. I'm still on the search for a drummer/dj and hope to start some live performances here in Seattle. Anyway, I'll be updating this blog while I'm here with random crap that we can all hopefully laugh at. I'll catch ya later.