Last night, I rediscovered my love of Nescafe. For those of you not in the know, Nescafe is an instant coffee drink that quite simply is amazing. Add a packet of Nescafe to your milk, throw in a dash of sugar (and by dash of course I mean as much as you can put without getting funny looks from other people) and you've got yourself one helluva drink. I say rediscover because I just remembered that I used to chug this stuff every day last summer in Alexandria. There was a lady who worked the kitchen/snack area at the university classrooms in Alex who made the best Nescafe. Of course I've forgotten her name. No I haven't. Kareema.

Sadly, there is no Kareema at the university in Damascus, so even though we have Nescafe available at the university, the fact that we have to make it ourselves has forced me to miss out on this magical drink. Until now.

I was quite inefficient in my presentation preparation last night and was forced to stay up late. This led me to order 2 cups of old nessie which kept me going long enough to make a sizable dent in my report. Unfortunately, a sizable dent is not good enough as I'm presenting in a little less than 4 hours. Anyhow, I've procrastinated long enough, so I bid you all farewell. Bottoms up. Y and H, if you read this, yes, I just said bottoms up.