Fortress and Fate

Ok guys, my dreams of living in a fortress are slowly being realized. I visited Salahuddin's fortress this past weekend and I must say it was my favorite part of my stay in Damascus so far. I'll try and upload some pictures. First off, the view from the top is incredible. Not unlike Rivendell. It's been a while since I read LOTR so if I misspelled that, please forgive me. But if given the choice I would live in that fortress in a heartbeat. Obviously it was lacking some plumbing, air conditioning, and wireless internet but it had the skeleton of my dream home. A real fixer upper.

Not much to report on the home front. I'm going to start cooking soon. It's not like I'm getting sick of shawarmas, far from it. In fact, I think I'm addicted to them. However I just had some homecooked indian food and my heart kind of exploded. I think I need daal chaawal to live.

Going swimming tomorrow. Going to try and get into a swimming routine here. Also, through a series of random events I wound up sitting next to an artist and his protege at cafe rowda during the world cup final. I was going for Spain btw (Iker Casillas is a man among men). Anyway, we got to chatting, me and these artists, and he gave me the name of some Moroccan slam poet that he said I absolutely must listen to. Apparently he's some obscure poet whose CD is only available in some obscure store in some corner of Damascus. He wrote down directions. Needless to say, this chance meeting with these two artists has reignited the fire within. I'm going to go on a writing binge. I think the chances that this CD is totally craptaculous are quite high, however, I'm never one to ignore the scribbling advice of a random artist.

Anyhow, I've got some homework to finish off so I'll catch you guys later.