End of the year

So I'm currently in the midst of a 2500 word essay on the future of Lebanon, which is to be written IN ARABIC. I've been shuttling myself around Austin trying to find the best spots to write and so far I've found that Summermoon, the law school library, and my bedroom at 5 in the morning are the places where I get work done.To be honest, those are really the only places I've tried writing, so in reality it doesn't really matter. But the point is...actually...I'm not sure what the point is. Let's just keep going and hope the point surfaces by itself.

Anyway, I turn this paper in on Tuesday, then I write a final outline for my thesis, and then my sister gets married. Oh yeah, that's happening pretty soon as well. Anyway, family starts flying in...holy crap...in one week.

I gotta go.