New Website and things

So I'm currently working on my new site and am so excited about it! I've had the old Wordpress blog for a good while now and thanks to the urging and help from my family, especially Mummy, Baba, and Apajan, I've gone ahead and updated. Hopefully it will be  easier to access as well as navigate compared to the old and I hope you guys have a good time browsing through poetry and whatnot. I did lose some posts when I transferred my old blog to this site, but I'll be working on making sure all of the important posts have made it through the move. I kind of feel like Woody from Toy Story when the family moved houses, and I'm trying to make sure all the toys got on the moving truck. Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy the site and remember kids, always brush your teeth*!

*Stupendous Man reference**
**Calvin and Hobbes reference***
***I don't know how to properly signify references