Damascus Sword

Hello all. I am in an internet cafe in the old city in damascus right now and must say I love this city. After I graduate next year, I have a choice for applying to study for a year in damascus or in alexandria and I will definitely be shooting for damascus. From Istanbul, usman and I took a train to the southern city of adana where I got the best haircut of my life and waited for the midnight train to aleppo. Before I forget, turkey definitely had the greatest mosques this trip. Turkish mosques are probably the ideal. They just have the right feeling. Also the ummayyad mosque here in damascus is a really good model for american mosques. Anyway, back to my haircut in adanna.

I had just gotten off of a train that took 19 hours, which Usman and I slept about 15 of those thanks to our sleeper car. I think they put some drugs in the air, I've never slept 15 hours before in my life. Anyway, Adanna was hot as hell and I was really tired and probably smelly when I saw this hair cutting place. I go in and pay 5 bucks and the guy proceeds to cut my hair, wash my face and head, massage me, trim my nose hair, use a flame to burn the small hairs around my eyes. He actually had a flaming something and patted my face with it quickly. I didn't know what was going on beacuse my glasses were off, and all of a sudden my face was on fire. But after that, he cleaned my ears and then massaged my entire head again. sigh. It all cost 5 dollars but I gave him an extra tip. I love turkish barbers.

so much has happened this trip I don't even know how I'm going to blog about it. Let's just say that I'm enjoying the hell out of this trip and I miss my family a lot. By the way, yes, the title is a reference to soul calibur and it is the greatest weapon of the greatest character in the game. no question. It also has no meaning in the context of my stay here, other than the damascus part of course.

aright, we'll be taking a bus to beirut later today and hopefully i'll update you guys a bit quicker in the future. Later.