Goodbye Alexandria

Today was the saddest day of all. I paid my taxi fare with a 100 ginney bill and the driver gave me back 20 ginney in 1 ginney bills. Why did this gloriousness have to happen the night before I leave alex? Here, change is gold. It's called fakkah, and nobody has it, so if you want to buy something small, say, food for instance, and all you have is a 50 or a 100, the store owners will not have the fakkah, and you will not be able to buy your item. Sometimes 5 ginney in ones is worth more than a 200 ginney bill. My kingdom for a horse. I actually remember that from my childhood, when my friend Adam was reading Richard III when I was 6. I remember he had a question on that quote and he, or my mom, don't remember, explained it to me. Anyway, I'm leaving tomorrow for Cairo and then we'll fly out from Cairo to Istanbul on Friday afternoon. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up with Professor Martha Friday morning. Anyway, I need to sleep. One more final and then it's time for the turkey. After I act in the play, sing my song, and perform my poetry. There's a goodbye party and I just don't know how to say no to a performance. Peace.