I am currently sitting at the McDonald's in Chatby under the guise of getting some homework done. In reality, I came here for the McChicken combo which I had for lunch. That means two McD's in 7 hours. I think I have a problem. Seriously. I've been living off of McDonald's lately.Oh, I have been recruited to be in a student play which will be presented at the Flagship farewell dinner next thursday. I will be wearing a mustache. All natural baby. I've been growing this puppy out for a few weeks now, and you can almost see it in the sunlight. Also, I've been researching travel plans for next week. We're leaving next friday! Next Friday! Friday! I just wanted to emphasize that fact. By the way, think more exclamation rather than excitement. I just can't believe it's almost over. Ok. I need to get back to my food. Later.