Sinai Sunrise

So on my Sharm trip, we stopped by the Sinai to climb a mountain and watch the sunrise. It was like a 2-3 hour hike to the top of the mountain by foot, so naturally I took a camel.We started the hike at 2 in the morning, and we got to the top of the mountain at sunrise. I don't remember the time. Anyway, allegedly that was the mountain that Moses talked to God on. I was skeptical. And remain skeptical. But anyway, a group of us did fajr prayer before sunrise, and then we all sat in a big group to watch the sun. I have a hard time describing it, because it was actually kind of weird. Ok, so the sky slowly brightened, and the colors started pouring into the sky like watercolors on a paper towel. Then, from the distance, a red sun could be seen peeking from behind a mountain. Now, imagine breaking an egg into a frying pan, then watching the wet yolk slowly rise from the oil. Yeah. That's basically what happened. After the sun rose, it got super hot, so we descended for another 2 hours, and walked to the bus.

All right. I'm kind of tired at the moment and I have a ton of homework to do. Just thought I should update, even if the update is kind of dated. Anyhow, tune in next time for a description of my trip to the desert town Siwa, and my adventures in the egyptian desert. Or something completely different. Peace.

I'll be going to a few mosques here in alexandria tomorrow with my language partner to do some research for my thesis. I can't believe we've only got 3 weeks left until the end of the program.