Camel rides to Sinai and snorkeling the Red Sea

We went to Sharm el-Sheikh this past weekend and I must say it was more glorious than that Friday I slept for 14 hours. The red sea was ridiculously awesome. Snorkeling was robonculous. Absolutely glorious. Without a doubt one of the most awesome things I've ever done. Only to be topped when I go scuba diving here ia. Sigh. I have to talk to mamoojan soon. He's my uncle, and he scuba dives all the time.

If I could choose any superpower it would be time control. And then number 2 on the list is to be aquaman. And I wouldn't use my powers to save humanity. As soon as I got my gills and fins, I would dive into the ocean and not come back up, maybe forever. Exploring the ocean is something I would ask God for in heaven. Like deep, deep, 3ameeq in the ocean. Just wandering around.

Anyway, snorkeling was kind of like that. haha, I loved it. I stayed in the water as long as I could. You know, I would probably start a dolphin revolution. Or join it, because it's probably already started.

So the first time I jumped into red sea waters was on Friday where we took a glass bottom boat in Sharm el-Sheikh itself. I had no goggles at the time, even though I had packed them from Texas for the specific puprose of taking them to the Sharm, and I totally forgot them in my dorm room. But it didn't matter that much, because after we drove out for about 15 minutes, we anchored and they let us jump off the boat into the water. The water was perfect. I mean, it was perfect. The perfect swimming temperature, like chilled jello, not immediately taken out of the fridge, but has been sitting out on a picnic table outside for 2 minutes. It was really beautiful.

Anyway, the next day we drove outside away from the main beach to a place called Ras Mohammad, and took a boat out all day. We made three stops and I snorkeled every time. I got to use fins, like flippers, for the first time, which got me one step closer to becoming aquaman, and also I used the snorkel. Oh man, I miss the sea a lot. Anyway I suppose that's it. I mean, there was a night of bedouins which was totally lame, and the night before I spun around on stage with a large, colorful man dress for 100 ginney, but those are memories I don't really feel need to be immortalized in this blog.

OH SNAP, I forgot to talk about Sinai. I keep making these titles and then not fulfilling them. And I know that I could just erase the first part of the title, and just talk about the red sea, but then where is the reality? Where's the reminder that there's a human behind these words? In the mistakes my friends. In the genuine human tendency to bite off more than we can chew. So I leave my blog in the same way I leave most all-you-can-eat buffets, with eyes bigger than my stomach and food left on my plate.