That taxi driver stole your flag - Part II

So the game was cool. I did some pre-game arabic schmoozing to get us some better seats. That basically involved us standing around one of the gates looking forlorn. No, but I believe it was a combination of my arabic speaking, my abou treika jersey, and scott's whiteness that got us into the second class seating when we had actually gotten third class. haha, all in all, I would say it was a successful trip. Anyway, we had to rush out of the game to catch the last train to alexandria for the night, so when we got to the station, we split up the work. I went to go get tickets, Scott went to get our bags, and Abdirizak stayed to handle the taxi fare. When we joined forces after about 10 minutes, I noticed Abdirizak no longer had his Egyptian flag that he bought at the stadium. Apparently he used it as a joke bartering item when negotiating the fare, and the taxi driver took it seriously. I'm not sure, all I know is that Abdirizak is one masri flag short of where he ought to be in life.