Is this thing on? Cairo, Football, and Gastroitensifitus

Ok, I'm back. It's been like what, 3 weeks? If there are any readers still left, congratulations. This website doubles as a "how to kill a blog" and "how to drive your readership down to 0" tutorial.Anyway, I wish I could blame this lapse of blogging on my stint in the hospital, but unfortunately that would be dishonest. In reality I'm just lazy, and if you go back a few posts, you can't say I didn't warn you.

But back to the hospital. I suppose that can be considered a highlight. I did actually speak more arabic there per hour than I had probably my entire trip. The lack of americans plus the lack of sleep led to many hours of arabic with my friends who stayed with me. It also helped that my nurses did not speak english.

First off, I'm much better now. I had a high fever and some gastro problems, but now I'm feeling miyya miyya (100%). Secondly, just want to give a shout out to some of the people who helped me out in the hospital.

First to Ali and Sameh. Ali was with me when I was shivering under my blankets in my dorm waiting for a doctor to come, and also stayed with me the first night in the hospital where he made sure I was being taken care of. Not only did he stay up all night making sure to wake me up every half hour for medication, but also went back to the dorm to pick up my toiletries and clothes. I'm still trying to figure out a way thank him.

Sameh stayed with me for the rest of my time in the hospital. He slept in my room and was with me the whole time, translating into easier arabic anything I didn't understand from the nurses, recharging the minutes on my phone so I could keep my family in America updated, and basically talking to me about anything and everything. My stay in the hospital was a thousand times better thanks to these two guys.

I also have to thank my friends who visited me and brought me flowers, food, and even a book to pass the time! I would love to name everyone who came, but there were a lot of people and I was kind of out of it and am afraid I might forget someone.

One of my favorite moments of the trip so far was definitely when my friends came to watch the final of the confederation cup with me in my hospital room. I remember my second day in the hospital, I was upset because I was going to miss out on watching the Confederation Cup final between USA and Brazil. We were the underdog the entire tournament and this was going to be our moment to shine. Thank God there was a tv in my room, but it's just not the same watching that by yourself. So a special thanks to Ali, Sameh, Mohamed, Ahmed, Robert, Chris, Saba, Jordan, and Mona. Also to Valerie for Midnight's Children, Katy who visited when she probaly should've been in the hospital herself, Usman, Daniel, Ryan, Mohamed, Ahmed, Farahat, Ahmed, Ali, and oh lord I hope I didn't forget anybody.

Also a huge thanks to Robyn, our student organizer and basically handler of any problems that may arise. Ok, I started this post with lofty goals, but I only managed to discuss my hospital trip. I'll update more frequently ia. Anyway, until next time.