khamsa ginney

5 pounds. That should be the most you should ever pay a taxi driver in alex for a ride less then 15 minutes. Sigh. We're all still trying to get used to setting the price for the taxis. If he gets out of the cab and threatens to kill you, you probably didn't pay enough (thanks to chris for that little piece of info).Today, the people from our floor in the dorms played some people from another building in a dirt soccer field in the courtyard area. I brought no sneakers, so I played in my bare feet, like most of the misreen (egyptians). The first touch from our team resulted in a goal, of which I assisted by passing quite deftly to Chris who demolished the ball into the net. It was pretty much downhill from there though, as we got beat 4-2, although one of our guys kicked the ball into our own goal. Eh al-maskhara di?? Oh actually, I forgot. Before the game, I had a free afternoon, so I walked around our neighborhood for a while. I ended up at a small candy shop on the side of the road, and proceed to buy me some candy, I struck up a conversation with the man behind the counter, and he invited me to sit in his chair. I couldn't say no. So I took the candy I just bought, plus a pepsi, and went and sat with this guy and chatted with him until I finished all my food. I love egypt. Tonight, a group of us went and had dinner at a cool cafe/restaruant called sultana? something. With Dr. Abd-al-salaam and his family. We then walked along the cornish for a while which is always fun. Oh we saw two accidents on the way to the restaurant, I'll write about those later. It's about 4am here, and it's time for me to sleep. I don't have any school tomorrow, so I plan on sleeping until jumma.