The Odyssey: A Tale of Wonder From Mighty Fine to my House

So, I was driving home with my dad and two little brothers after eating a delicious burger from Mighty Fine, and I stopped at a red light to take a left onto spicewood springs. Dusk was upon us, the red glow of the dying sun was slowly covered by clouds as thick as mountains in the sky. The cavaliers were playing the magic, and I was itching to get home to watch lebron dominate as he always does. I stopped about 8 feet away from the car in front of me as I waited for the light to turn green. No particular reason, I didn't even notice the distance. 8 feet is a bit much, but nothing to complain about. Or so I thought...

All of a sudden from behind us, I hear the bleating sound of a car horn. I quickly turned to make sure I wasn't blocking anybody, and realized that the car behind me was simply annoyed at the space I left between me and the car in front of me. Bear in mind the light was still red, and the line was not moving. I am not one to move at the whim and fancy of an impatient neanderthal of a driver, so move I did not. The strangest part was that the car was not a sporty luxury car, but was a honda odyssey.

Obviously irate at my refusal to budge, the driver did the inexplicable. He got out of line, and parallel parked in the space between me and the car in front of me. He actually passed me in the stationary line, tried to fit in the space, and when he realized he misjudged the distance, reversed into the spot. The light remained red. Myself and my father looked at each other, and burst out laughing. Who was this man, for this had to be a man, that had to be in front of me?

I quickly flashed him with my high beams a few times, simply to highlight his absurdity, and the light finally turned green. As we slowly roll forward the driver apparently wanted to teach me a lesson for leaving too much space between cars? Flashing high beams? Who knows, anyway, he waited at the green light until it turned red and then turned, so I would miss the light. Keep in mind, this was a honda odyssey.

Happy to get rid of the madman, I obliged and let him drive on. As I began driving home, I thought about this man, about his dreams, about his desires, and I asked myself if what he did was necessary. Necessary? Absolutely not, but then again, which of life's little golden nuggets of hilarity really is?